February 6, 2023

7″ Windows 8 Tablets, Microsoft Reader Could Be in the Near Future According to Reports

Windows 8 UI, modern metro interface, Microsoft W8

Windows Phone 8 is steadily increasing in marketshare (despite what some Apple-loving reports may say or not say). In India, the world’s potentially second-largest market behind China, the mobile OS has taken the lead and continues to grow. Its desktop/laptop/tablet cousin is making a lot of headway, too. However, aside from recent news that the Windows 8/RT store broke 50,000 available apps and an almost cryptic announcement in January that Microsoft’s OS has broken the 60 million license mark, it’s not exactly clear how exactly the PC and tablet OS is doing.

There’s no doubt that many users have held off on plunging into the new OS due to a number of factors such as high prices and the lack of a Windows 8 device with a smaller display. The latter trend, however, appears to be at its end, as Microsoft recently released a newsletter that permitted the creation of Windows 8 devices with a resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels, the same resolution as tablets such as the iPad Mini. The current resolution for devices was stuck rigidly at 1366 x 768 pixels.

Microsoft, of course doesn’t want to “encourage partners to regularly use a lower screen resolution”, and is quick to point out that the side-by-side split screen feature of the OS (known as “snap”) would be incompatible with the lower resolution.

It’s not known why exactly Microsoft has decided to change its tune regarding the specs, but a number of theories have already risen up around the internet, including a theory by ZDNet that says a Microsoft and Barnes & Noble partnership could lead to the creation of a Windows 8/RT-powered Nook tablet.

An e-reader would be a perfect companion for VoIP and messaging app users who want to stay in touch via a lower-res Windows 8 device. Indeed, travel and global SIM card users could benefit from a new Nook tablet powered by the OS as well, as e-readers are a great way to pass the time while traveling. Of course, this has not yet been confirmed by Microsoft.