February 6, 2023

Skype Receives Contact Blocking With Latest Version of VoIP App for Windows 8

Skype for Windows 8, Windows RT VoIP, Skype for PC

It’s been awhile since the Windows 8 version of Skype has received an update and those of you using the VoIP app will be happy with the new features the latest update brings to the table.

Microsoft’s latest Skype release carries the version number of 1.6 and adds a contact blocking option to the growing list of features, which enables users to block other users from contacting them, as well as report or remove them. This will definitely help keep those annoying spammers or other offenders from being able to contact you without having to resort to using another version of the app to do the blocking or reporting.

Of course, the usual round of speed and reliability improvements and bug fixes have also been rolled out with the update, including a bug that prevented the outgoing video from displaying at some points when switching between different cameras.

If you haven’t already, you can now download the new version in the Windows Store.