Tango users on Apple devices will now have yet another way to contact their friends and family en masse through Group Chat thanks to the latest version of the calling and messaging app that just rolled out for iOS devices.

Tango version 2.8 allows users to group chat for the first time on iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch (assuming, of course, you have the latest software) with a group of friends and family, allowing the sharing of photos, videos and Tango Surprises.

The new app also brings an assortment of unspecified “bug fixes” to the mix.

Tango surpassed 100 million users as of March 7 and rolled out a completely revamped UI on that same day as well. Tango also announced a partnership with the Aviary photo-editing app so iPhone users are able to customize photos with filters, text and more before sharing them to friends and family.

If you’re ready to Tango with the new app, you’ll be able to download it starting right now in the Apple App Store.