While we’ve been aware of group chat launching on iOS for quite some time, we’ve just received new information and screenshots in our inbox regarding the app, and we were also informed by Tango that both Android and Windows Phone 7.5 devices have also received the new update.

Specifically, Tango version 2.8 for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch allows you to group chat with a group of friends and family, allowing the sharing of photos, videos and Tango Surprises for the first time ever on iOS. The update also brings Android and Windows Phone 7 to the fray.

Tango surpassed 100 million users as of March 7, the same day it rolled out a new UI.

In addition to the group chat, Tango also announced a partnership with the Aviary photo-editing app so iPhone users are able to customize photos with filters, text and more before sharing them to friends and family.

If you’re ready to Tango with the new version of the VoIP and messaging app, you’ll want to pick up the latest version from your respective app store.

  • Adam P

    Actually, this would be most useful for work. I’ve recently started using Tango again and although it’s a bit on the slow side (Android) it’s capable.

  • Andy Quek

    It is disappointing to know that Tango have no intention to support WP8 devices at this stage despite their false claim that it is in the planning stage months back.
    I used to use Tango for video chat quite actively on my WP7.Xdevice before making the change to WP8, but now… 🙁

    • delvin johnson

      I agree! WP8 should be supported at this point, especially since they already support WP7 / 7.5 / 7.8