South Korea based company NHN’s LINE application has proven itself to be one of the most popular VoIP and messaging apps, nipping at the heals of its biggest competitors Skype and Viber.

Like the aforementioned apps, LINE features not only mobile versions, but a PC version as well. The app is one of the first of its kind to reach the Windows 8 Metro UI, and is also available for Android, Windows Phone, and iOS.

Speaking of iOS, the company recently launched an update, albeit a minor one, in the Apple App Store. The update doesn’t bring anything too major to the playing field, but does, however, improve the overall transmission speed when sending or receiving messages.

It doesn’t look like other bugs or improvements were major enough to list, if indeed there were any at all. The new version of the app, which carries the version number 3.6.5, can be found lurking in the App Store, available for download.