The Nokia Lumia 925 wasn’t the only news to come out of London this morning. Nokia also announced an upcoming software update for existing Lumia devices powered by the Windows Phone 8 OS, including the Lumia 920.

The update, scheduled for release in July, will bring an assortment of new features and improvements to these devices, including enabling FM radio (except for the Lumia 620, which has no FM radio chip), a feature that allows you to wake up your phone with a tap, and a camera mode called Nokia Smart Camera, which is said to allow users to create perfect high quality images every time. This feature in particular should interest many global roamers.

Other improvements will also accompany those mentioned here, though we haven’t seen any mention of what exactly these improvements entail. The Amber update will be out in two months, and we suspect additional information is likely to hit the internet before then. Stay tuned.