We absolutely love tweaks around here. No really, we do. We’re not talking about the various ROMs you can flash for Android such as Cyanogenmod (although those are awesome too). We’re talking about developer tweaks, the things the developers do to make their apps work and look just a little bit better.

Rebtel released a new update that does its own fair share of tweaking, particularly with the graphics. You might not notice much of a difference — the changes were very minor — but it it means making the calling and messaging experience that much better, we’re all for it.

The update also brings a number of unspecified stability improvements and the developers were also kind enough to do their usual spraying for bugs, though these, too were unspecified. If you haven’t already downloaded this new and minor “tweaking” of one of the world’s most popular VoIP apps, you’ll want to browse to the Google Play store and get it.