October 5, 2022

Truphone Offers the “First Ever” Shared Global Business Plans for SIM Users

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It’s no secret that Truphone has always had a soft spot for the international business traveler. This very blog was started with the idea that the company’s global plans would eventually expand to hit the consumer, and we’ve since expanded greatly to encompass this massive market. Truphone, though remains laser focused on its business market, as demonstrated by today’s unveiling of the world’s first-ever shared plans for business.

So what does this mean? Simply put, it means companies can now buy minutes, messages and web and pool across multiple devices and multiple nations.

For example, a $500 plan includes 5000 voice minutes, 5000 text messages and 1 GB of 3G data, all of which can be used anywhere in the U.S., U.K. Netherlands, Australia and Hong Kong. As we’ve also pointed out many times here on TruTower, additional Truphone companies will be launching; Germany, Poland and Spain will join that list later this year.

“When business people are on the road, they need to stay connected. And it shouldn’t matter whether you’re in Los Angeles or London – you just need to make the call, send the file – get things done, and done quickly. These road warriors are powering the US economy, and it’s up to network providers to help them make it happen,” said Pascal de Hesselle, vice president, marketing at Truphone.”Truphone’s international shared plans keep business people productive, affordably connecting them with their colleagues and customers around the world. We’re proud of this industry first.”

Similar to other global service providers, Truphone provides its customers with local numbers for select countries on a single SIM card, allowing contacts to get in touch with the Truphone user at local rates. If the Truphone user is in one of the aforementioned countries (the “Truphone Zone”), then the calls are also billed at local rates.

One small step for businesses, one giant leap for a unified global network.