March 21, 2023

New iPod Touch Unveiled By Apple With 16GB Storage, Lower Specs in Tow

New iPod Touch, Apple iPod, iPTouch

Application aficionados should definitely be happy with this news, especially if you’re packing around an iPod Touch and looking for a newer model. Apple has just unveiled a brand new iPod Touch to go along with those already available on the market.

Before we get too far into the description, let’s clarify that if you’re looking for something on the “higher end” of the iPod spectrum, the new iPod Touch isn’t it. When compared to its predecessor, it’s really not that much different. The Retina screen size is still the same at 4 inches and the processor is still a dual-core A5. You’ll also be sacrificing the use of the 5-megapixel rear camera, as the new model features just a front-facing camera, though you’ll be able to get some HD conversations in with it. The device also weighs roughly .06 ounces less than its predecessor.

Quite possibly the biggest downside for iPod fans, especially if you’ve got lots of music to go along with your apps, is the fact that the storage is also dropped by quite a bit. The new iPod Touch contains only 16GB of storage, roughly half or a quarter of the “previous generation” if you want to consider this model the sixth generation despite the downsize. You’ll also have to be content with silver in official capacity.

For a $229 USD, though, it could be quite the bargain if you don’t mind losing the higher end specifications. If that’s the case, you’ll be able to pick one up right now in Apple’s online store.