March 21, 2023

Voxer for Android Recieves Facebook Integration Update And Bug Fixes

Voxer App, Voxer PTT, Push To Talk

Voxer is certainly one of the most unique applications available today. The app spans Android and iOS and is coming soon for Windows Phone. There’s even a version of the app for business users. It’s definitely a great way to stay in touch with friends, family and colleagues.

Voxer has just released an update for its app that brings a few minor tweaks into the realm of the push-to-talk software. The update is version and rolls out updated Facebook integration.

What does this mean exactly? Well, in a nutshell it means that finding your Voxer packing friends on Facebook should be easier than ever.

The update also brings the usual bug fixes and performance improvements that we’ve become so accustomed to whenever an app gets an update. As is usually the case, these tweaks are not spelled out in detail, but more than likely they’re behind the scenes fixes and don’t seem to have any effect on Voxer’s appearance.

If you’re ready to try Voxer version for yourself and haven’t already done so, you can download the new version right now via Google Play.