March 24, 2023

Nimbuzz For Legacy BlackBerry Devices Released, Gets A Speed Boost and More

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Nimbuzz fans on legacy BlackBerry devices need not worry. Not all app developers have shrugged off the slowly receding platform, and Nimbuzz has proven this with the release of a new version of its popular message software for legacy BB devices.

Founded in 2006 by Evert Jaap Lugt in Rotterdam, Nimbuzz has come a long way, and is now accessible on web and handheld mobile devices. The India-based company has more than 150 million users worldwide, and is the most preferred app in India and the Middle East.

The updated version for BlackBerry devices is one of the lightest applications in the messaging ecosystem. It requires minimum memory space and ensures high speed file transfer. The enhanced version has been designed for better connectivity on slow data networks along with a drastic reduction in run time memory. Inclusion of convenient features such as bubble chat and contact list separation from chat list makes it user friendly. With the up graded features like queuing up of messages in an offline state and contact list loading in 3 seconds makes Nimbuzz a steadfast communication platform.

“Nimbuzz has always believed in delivering a communication platform that understands the evolving needs of its users,” said Vikas Saxena, Chief Executive Officer for Nimbuzz. “With a majority of conversations moving towards apps like Nimbuzz, it is extremely important for us to innovate solutions that enhance the communication lifestyles of our existing and new users. The new Nimbuzz for Blackberry is a testament of our commitment to make our app more relevant to our audience.”

Nimbuzz is available in 19 languages. If you haven’t already, you can try out the new version of Nimbuzz for legacy BlackBerry devices via the BlackBerry World store.