Kik Messenger’s S, D, and R Symbols. What Do They Mean?

When sending a message via Kik, many users, especially if they’re new to the app scene, may be curious to know what each of the symbols mean and what their different shades of gray signify.

First of all, let’s go through the types of icons you’re going to see while you’re using the app. As already mentioned in the title of this article, you’re going to see the letters “S,” “D,” and “R” first and most often. You’ll also see more detailed notification symbols within your messages: one containing three dots and one containing a check mark, both of which appear just below the aforementioned letters throughout the messaging process. Finally, you’ll also likely see a red exclamation point (!) periodically, although you shouldn’t see this icon very often.

The first icon you see should only be seen for a brief period: an icon containing three dots, which basically just informs you that your device is connecting to the network. If the three dots are there for a long period of time, you’ll want to check to make sure your data connection is live. Once a connection is successfully established, the icon will change to a check mark and will also feature a letter right above it.

The letters are there to give you more information regarding the status of your message and where in the process the message is at. If you see an “S,” this tells you that your message has been successfully sent to the Kik servers from your device. A “D” lets you know that your message was successfully sent to your Kik Messenger contact. Finally, the “R” informs you that your contact has opened your message.

The letters are there to give you more information regarding the status of your message and where in the process the message is at.

A faded “D” appears when messages are sent to iPhone and Windows Phone devices. It means that the message has been pushed to your Kik friend’s account, but they haven’t opened the app to receive the message on their actual device. Once they open the app, you’ll see a solid D and then the R when it’s been read.

If you wind up getting the rarest of all these symbols — a red exclamation point — it means an error was encountered and your message was not successfully sent. Try sending the same message again. If you continue getting this error, check your data connection or restart your device. You’ll also want to make sure you have the most recent version of Kik downloaded on your device.

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  • Amy

    I do have a question about something I’m not quite sure about. If I lock my iPhone with the kik app still open, will the D be solid or faded, considering the phone is locked? If you could let me know that would be so great. Thanks!

    • Edward Not From Twilight

      Should be solid D.

  • Donald Duck

    I sent a message on kik and i got a red exclamation point in a red circle. What does this mean? Is the problem my fault or their fault?

    • A red exclamation point means you aren’t connected to the internet, so it’s on your end. 🙂

  • Mickey Mouse

    Is it possible for a kik user to delete their kik? If so, what will happen if i try to message them?

    • Kik accounts can be altered (email, name, photo, etc.) but it’s not currently possible to completely delete a Kik account.

  • Ann

    How can you tell if someone has deleted the app?
    Will your messages appear as a bold “S” or light “D” or a failed message “!”?

    • Hi Ann!

      The message will show only an S if it’s a recent deletion. If the app was deleted awhile ago, it will give you a message back:

      “Oops, it looks like [name]’s phone has been off/disconnected for a while. We’ll deliver your message when they connect again.”

  • Tony

    When I send a message to an IPhone user “S” appears. When the person opens the app, a “D” appears. I see that this is not common for iPhone. I wonder is it possible? Or the person lies for his phone’s brand.

    • kimberly

      that means they logged out. and when the dark “D” appears then they have logged back in.

  • Chris

    I understand the faded D for iPhone users sending kik messages. I have a question though, because I had my phone not shut off, but just locked with the screen off. My friend sent me a message and he told me that it appeared as a solid D. I thought you had to open the app to make it turn a solid D (should have been faded). Is there an explanation for this?

    • Hi Chris,

      Did you have Kik open while your screen was locked?

  • Cutiepie24

    Can you tell me what the S symbol means? I have an iPhone and the person I am messaging has a Droid. Did they delete me or do they have there account closed?
    I did talk to this person like 11 hrs ago and all day I try messaging them and my messages r in the S

    • If you see an “S,” this tells you that your message has been successfully sent to the Kik servers from your device. Chances are the recipient either doesn’t have service or hasn’t received the message successfully. It is also possible that you’ve been blocked or the recipient has uninstalled the app. 🙂

  • Alexandra Peters

    Can the person still read the kik if it is a S

    • Yes, they’ll still receive the message the next time they log into Kik.

  • cassie

    kik told me i got a message from someone at 1/16/1970 .-. then the message said “why did u post this on fb” followed by some link._. i dont even have fb, so i responded immediately after recieving the message and it said that the device has been disconnected for a while._. fishy

    • That’s very strange. This was likely an automated bot message. Best thing to do is block it so you can’t be contacted again.

      • Chris

        I’m a little irritated at kik for not putting a light “D” for Android :(. You were saying how a light “D” only occurs for iPhones and Windows Phone users right? How come they don’t make it like that for Android? Whenever I’m off Kik whenever someone sends me a message it always appears as a solid “D” and never a light “D” even if I’m on a different app. If I force close the app it shows an “S” and I don’t get a push notification for it. Is there any way I can make it so when people send me a Kik message it will show a light D?

        • The only way is to use iPhone or Windows Phone. As long as Android is used, it will always show a solid “D”.

          • AJ

            i have android and get faded d’s

    • ThisGuy

      It’s modded Kik and one of the selections are making it where the date is From a long time ago

  • mak

    Is there an option to disable the symbols?

    • Unfortunately, there Is not an option, aside from blocking that person.