May 31, 2023

WhatsApp Profits More From Android Than Apple Devices in Certain Areas

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This doesn’t come off as much of a surprise considering Android‘s dominance of the worldwide market so far, but WhatsApp Messenger is making more money from Google’s OS than it is from iOS in certain markets according to a recent report from Distimo.

The US market in April saw WhatsApp gain a whopping $355,000 from Apple’s App Store. The popular messaging app garnered $41,000 from Google Play. Meanwhile, WhatsApp Messenger made $290,000 in Germany on Android, compared to $207,000 in Apple’s store.

All data mentioned in this report covers April 2013.

WhatsApp is currently free in Google Play and costs $0.99 USD in the Apple App Store. It’s amazing to think that despite the cost difference, WhatsApp Messenger still made more money in Google Play than in the Apple App Store in Germany, Italy, and Spain.

Either way, it certainly spells out good news for WhatsApp, and it will be interesting to see how the application’s numbers continue to rise as Windows Phone continues to increase its own market share.