August 16, 2022

Nokia EOS Windows Phone Appears Again, This Time on a Leaked Video

Nokia Camera, 41 MP Camera, Megapixel pictures

The Nokia EOS has certainly taken the tech media world by storm. The device as first rumored earlier this year with a second rumor way back in February and then made its first appearance on the internet recently thanks to a healthy helping of leaked photos.

Now a new video has been leaked by Vizileaks that shows the camera in a lot more detail. The video shows the lens shutter opening and closing, a feature that’s been spotlighted in a few of the photos and early mentions. The upcoming EOS is expected to sport a 41-megapixel camera, bringing the 808 Pureview into the Windows Phone realm — the 808 pureview also had a mechanical shutter.

Nokia is rumored to be launching the device sometime in July, which coincides with Nokia CEO Stephen Elop’s hint at a summer full of announcements and “new product introductions,” but we’ll also see some Windows Phone updates as well courtesy of GDR2 and GDR3.