Skype Group Calling is Now Included in Xbox Live Gold Memberships

The Wi-Fi sharing network turned VoIP app known as Skype continues to evolve into different forms despite a few hiccups along the way.

We already knew Skype would hit Xbox One when the service was spotted during the console’s unveil, but we really didn’t know the lengths at which the service would be implemented. We got a taste at E3 2013 today.

Microsoft announced that Skype group calling, a premium Skype service, will now be included with all Xbox Live Gold Memberships and will cross over between devices such as your PC, Mac, and likely Windows Phone.

This is on top of the consoleโ€™s new ability to make Skype calls via Kinect in full screen or snap mode, while playing a game.

When Microsoft bought Skype for $8.5 Billion dollars, it was anticipated that the service would be integrated heavily into Microsoft products and services. As one of the company’s core services, we’re happy to see Skype making a move so smoothly to a new generation of electronics.

  • Encino Stan

    “no one imagined that the service would be integrated this heavily into Microsoft products and services”


    • Ralphage

      You can predict the future? lol

      • Edward Not From Twilight

        I can! ๐Ÿ˜› jk

      • Encino Stan

        I cannot predict the future, but I didn’t think MS paid $8.5B just to throw the product out. Figured it would replace MS Messenger, MSN Messenger, Kinect chat, etc.

    • Josh Nay


      Thanks for your feedback! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Ralphage

    Skype is the only good part about the Xbone. It’s all about Wii U and PS4 this generation.

    • Edward Not From Twilight

      I wouldn’t say it’s the only good part at all. It’s a bonus though.

      • Edward Not From Twilight

        I would still prefer the Xbone to the PS4. The Wii U is at least different enough to coexist alongside my PC gaming.

    • Jason Andrew Hahn

      Really? you enjoy your donkey kong, since xbox comes with a kinect I wont even bother with a WII

  • gail

    What they need to do is provide Xbox Music and video free and not require it to stream your own music that you already own. My two cents.

  • Edward Not From Twilight

    I don’t think the DRM is as bad as some people might think. It’s like a PC.

    • Edward Not From Twilight

      That being said, the thing I don’t like is the “big brother” feeling at having the Kinect on all the time. If I did get an Xbone I would be unplugging it when not in use lol

      • Jason Andrew Hahn

        It’s already been stated you can turn kinect off if your the paranoid sort as well as having to actually OPT in to share information. think of it as a Gorcery store “reward” card on steroids

  • coip

    This is awesome. Right now, my entire family has Windows Phones. We like playing Carcassonne online against each other, but we want to personalize it and turn it into a ‘virtual family game night.’ Since my family also has other Windows devices (Surface RT or Windows laptops), I was thinking that even though we live in different states, we could bust out our Surfaces and laptops and do a ‘family video chat’ while also playing the games against each other on our Windows Phones, but Skype basic didn’t allow for group chatting. Now, with my Xbox Live Gold membership, we can do it!

    • Josh Robert Nay

      Great to hear coip! It sounds like you have an entire family of Windows fans ๐Ÿ˜‰