Traveling abroad is not cheap. In fact, it gets more expensive overall as time goes on, even with some attempts by governments to control or even remove them altogether.

This is exactly why GO-SIM and other global SIM carriers exist. They all offer ways to assist international travelers with better rates without compromising on service. GO-SIM in particular, though, has decided to attack the problem on the data front, which is the most expensive part of the International roaming experience.

It’s not uncommon for phone bills to hit $2,000 (or $22,000 in one particular case last year) for international roaming on your cellular bill when you’re using a national carrier. Let’s face it, they were created with the sole purpose to provide nationwide only service, with international services added as an afterthought. Many people choose to leave their phones at home rather than take the risk on such high cost when they really don’t need to.

GO-SIM has released a range of data-only bundles that will allow you to use your smartphone as it was designed to be used while you’re out of the country. The next time you top up online, look out for the data bundle in the purchasing path and select the option that best suits you.

There are three options currently available: Data Bonus 49, in which you pay $49 and you get $66 credit, with 35% extra free; Data Bonus 69, with which you pay $69, you get $142 credit, 130% extra free; and the Data Bonus 119 bundle, which gives you $357 credit — 200% extra free — for $119.

So the next time you decide to travel, don’t leave your device at home. Look into investing into a international SIM to stay connected to those who matter most at a price that won’t land you into the horrifying world of “bill shock“.

  • Craig

    Great article – we always take our devices with us mainly for email. We use the Data Bonus 49 that you’e mentioned!

  • pipslvr

    This is actually a decent deal. If you do the math, at $0.39/MB and if you take the $119 package, you’ll get $357 so you essentially get the MB at the third of the price at $0.13/MB for a total of 915MB for $119. Given the coverage is 160 countries, 90 of them with 3G it’s pretty nice. Still around what you get with ATT in the USA, they have 800MB for $120 for similar world coverage

    • pipslvr

      Just realized that this service is not compatible with their voice service and although (if I understand it correctly) you have just one SIM you have to either use their data service or the voice service by selecting a different pin on boot, but not simultaneously. This is odd and quite a nuissance.

    • pipslvr

      I take this back.

      Go-SIM has updated their rate fee schedule making it clear that the rates change per country. Unless i’m missing something, the rates are actually crazy expensive. $0.49/MB in some places, $3/MB in the USA, $20/MB in Belgium… laughable. Even with the bundles this proposal is not that interesting.