March 27, 2023

Confirmed: Viber is Not Back On in Saudi Arabia (Yet) Despite Some Reports to the Contrary

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There was a report flying around earlier this week that originated out of Saudi Arabia that said Viber was once again back on in the country. However, we have been able to confirm that this is not the case.

CEO Talmon Marco told TruTower that “Viber is not back in Saudi Arabia” and the app was not yet able to be used in the Kingdom. However, we were also able to confirm earlier that Viber’s CEO intends to get Viber back for Saudi residents after being banned from use nearly two weeks ago.

Saudi Arabia had blocked access to Viber’s calling and messaging service because “it does not currently meet the regulatory requirements and laws in Saudi Arabia,” according to Saudi Arabia’s Communications and Information Technology Commission (CITC), who regulates all telecommunications in the country. It’s also suspect that the country initiated the ban to protect the wallets of its mobile carriers, who seem to show no attempts to adapt to a rapidly changing market.

Here’s hoping we see Viber restored in Saudi Arabia soon and avoid the same kind of ban or regulation in Egypt and other places that has been experienced there.