November 28, 2022

Voxer Pro Version Now Available for Android Devices, Get Pro for $4.95 Until July

Voxer Pro, PTT, Push to Talk

Looking for a great way to connect to your team members across great distances? Then Voxer Pro‘s push to talk solution may be a perfect fit for you.

The latest update, version, includes everything that was great about the previous version, but the team at Voxer have also graced the application with a minor update that fixes a few bugs and improves the app’s overall performance.

Voxer Pro is the professional version of the consumer-oriented Voxer push-to talk, one of the most popular messaging apps available on the market. Voxer Pro is its professional extension and can be used to more efficiently manage and stay in touch with members of your professional team, no matter how large (or small) it may be.

A Voxer Business Account is required in order to use Voxer Pro, and can be obtained via the Voxer website for a limited time (until July 1) for $4.95 per month per user. After the beginning of July, the cost will revert back to the normal $9.95 monthly fee.

Voxer Pro’s latest version is now available in Google Play. Happy Voxing!