Take Advantage of the Group Chat Feature in Viber, Keep the Conversation Going

Group chat is a great way to share a room with all your family and friends in one go. It’s becoming a standard feature across multiple applications, including Viber, which currently offers the feature on Android, iPhone, Windows Phone and BlackBerry devices.

For Android and iPhone, the feature can be initiated pretty much the same way. First, go to the Messages tab and tap on the Compose button. Then tap on the contacts you wish to add to the conversation and click Done. Please note that on Android devices, you can add up to 40 contacts to a group chat, while iPhone can handle 15. Finally, you can modify group settings (group name, notifications settings, background image, participants, etc.) with a tap on Conversation Info or the Gear icon. You can also delete your group or leave the group chat through this menu.

Viber Messaging, Viber for iPhone, Viber for Android

With BlackBerry, it’s a bit more simple. Access the Menu and tap on the Compose option. Secondly, select the contacts you want to add to the group chat. Like Android, BlackBerry can handle up to 40 participants in one group. Finally, simply type your message and hit Send. The group settings on BlackBerry can be accessed by tapping Group at the top of the screen and gives you the same settings for iPhone and Android.

Windows Phone is arguably the easiest of all and has its own unique process, though it’s more similar to BlackBerry than either iPhone or Android. First, swipe to the Conversations screen, then tap on Compose — on Windows Phone, Compose is represented as a Plus icon. From there, select up to 40 contacts to add to the conversation and tap Done. Finally, simply type your message and hit the Send button, represented by the speeding envelope icon on the far left. To modify group settings, swipe over to the Info screen as shown below. For additional settings on this screen, hit the Menu icon, represented by the three dots on the lower right. This screen will allow you to change group name, add participants, turn Smart notifications on and off, and leave the group.

Viber for WP8, Windows Phone IM, Group Chat

Now that you’ve tackled group messaging, you shouldn’t have any trouble getting and keeping your friends and family talking. If you have any other questions you’d like to have answered on TruTower, please don’t hesitate to post in the comments or contact us. Happy chatting!


    how can i find my new friends on viber? i don’t know their mobile No. except names.

  • Parisa

    Hi there 🙂
    Can you please tell me how can I upload photo for the group chats ?

    • Hi,

      There is no option at this time to assign a photo to a group chat. However, this is something that we’re looking into and plan to develop this feature for the future. Thanks for your interest!

      • Unicorn

        Hi I downloaded viber on my iPad and used my phone number but now I don’t like it on my iPad so I changed back to my phone and when I recive the sms for my code the code never works

  • Boy Optimistic

    hi i cant writ in th group that im folowing it i nee solution

  • Mohamed Ben Amer

    how can I remove a participant from group ?

    • Hi,

      In order to remove a participant from a group chat, you must be an admin in that chat. If you are an admin, you can remove the participant in the settings menu of the chat.

  • Faiyaz Al Mamoon

    how do i remove participants from a grp chat i created? (pc version)

  • PunSa

    I was joined in the group by my friend and enjoying the activities of group but I was deleted. How can I re join?

  • Japh

    I am an admin in a viber group. Sometimes I get obliged to delete some inappropriate contents, if I delete a message from the thread do the other members still see it? Is it even possible to do that?

  • Yushaib

    How do I control group name? Every member of the group tries to change the namee, so as the group admin, I want to control such changes.

  • Adelabu Isreal Tosin

    Dear Team.
    I lost the number I am using on viber group I created, I am using another number now is it possible I transfer the admin rights because that old number can not be retrieved again because I am now in another country and I need to remove some people that are not active from the group so that I can add new members…THanks

  • Mary

    How do I delete multiple messages but keep my group chats.