September 26, 2022 for iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch Launches Google Plus Registration, Premium Accounts

IMO Messenger, Android IM, iOS Messaging is arguably one of the most unique applications available today., also commonly called IMO Messenger, provides users with the ability to sign in to nine different messaging and calling services, including the native service.

The newest versions of the app for iOS devices — version 2.3 for the iPad and version 3.6 for the iPhone and iPod touch — rolls out a couple more abilities to bring both versions more in line with the edition that’s available for Android devices.

For those wanting to sign up for a Premium account and get all the unique features with it, you are no longer required to sign up via the web; users can now sign up directly from their iOS devices.

In addition, Apple devices are now able to register via Google Plus as Android users who utilize the beta flavor of the app have been able to do since March.

It doesn’t look like bug fixes or performance enhancements made it to this version (or they were extremely minor and weren’t listed). Either way, the new version for iPad can be downloaded here while iPhone and iPod users can download their own version here. Have you gone Premium?