September 27, 2022

Voxer Push to Talk for Android Gets Live Interrupt, Extreme Notifications With Pro Upgrade

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Voxer has certainly not been standing still when it comes to updates for its PTT app. The company recently updated its software on Apple devices to include Facebook login and profile enhancements, and has so far issued two updates in June for the professional version of its app, dubbed Voxer Pro.

The first of these updates brought a feature called Live Interrupt, which essentially allows you to use Voxer like a real Walkie-Talkie. If you happen to have the Pro version of Voxer, you’ll be able to add this feature and even use the app while your screen is locked.

Upgrading to Voxer Pro will also bring a feature called “Extreme Notifications” wich basically makes your notifications not only louder but also “more persistent” — meaning they’ll go off at certain intervals instead of one time a la the non-Pro edition of Voxer.

The newest version of the non-Pro version of Voxer now gives you the option to upgrade to Voxer Pro in the settings, as shown above. In addition, the update also fixes Facebook profile picture issues and rolls out other bug fixes and performance improvements. You can pick up the latest version ( in Google Play.