WhatsApp appears to be unstoppable. The popular messaging app recently hit a record 27 billion messages in one day, and has outpaced text messaging usage. The service has even grown bigger than Twitter according to statements from the CEO back in April.

According to WSJ, WhatsApp has surpassed 250 million active users every month, exceeding the 200 million users Twitter claimed after seven years. To put it into perspective, WhatsApp launched only four years ago.

WhatsApp has been undergoing a great many changes as of late. The company also has a new and improved version of its app coming soon to Windows Phone. The service has even been built into some smartphones.

The smartphone messaging space is continuing to grow along with WhatsApp Messenger. There are new apps launching seemingly every day, and despite some carriers’ attempts to make things more difficult, the messaging apps continue to prevail. Without a doubt, they will continue to do so as the market keeps on growing.

  • jessyfeng

    whatsapp it s time to bring your app to wifi only devices and also stop requiring a phone number IMO

    • Edward Not From Twilight

      This! ^

  • GaryD

    Maybe outside the U.S….

    • Ralphage

      Yeah I was gonna say, those numbers don’t really sound right. I was thinking marketing FUD on WhatsApp’s part.

      • Edward Not From Twilight

        No, it’s right. There are plenty of people here in UK that use it. There are some professional organisations that use it. Even my grandmother uses it!

      • pipslvr

        Probably those numbers are just right.
        Outside of the USA WhatsApp has essentially supplanted SMS, mostly because most carriers were charching per message so it was a no brainer.

  • Edward Not From Twilight

    Go Whatsapp!

  • Harrrrrrrrrrold

    That’s crazy!