Rebtel users on Android have certainly been getting their fair share of updates this month. Late last week, the app was updated to include a simplified sign-up process.

The latest version changes the “0” at the end of the version number to a “1” and fixes a proximity sensor bug that was plaguing some Rebtel users whenever they attempted to make a call and also while they were on a call. This bug caused the screen to flicker at inconvenient times, and so far it appears to be fixed on our devices. If you still experience this issue, be sure to post in the comments.

Rebtel includes some very unique features when compared to other calling and messaging apps. One of the most notable of these features is “Keep Talking,” which allows users who are chatting with friends or family over Wi-Fi to switch and use their mobile network at a moment’s notice by prompting the user to touch an on-screen button. This feature keeps users connected to their Rebtel calling conversation even when they leave a Wi-Fi coverage area or experience a degraded connection.

If you haven’t already, you can download Rebtel 2.8.1 in the Google Play store.

  • Xavier

    Rebtel has no competitor. Love the quality!

    • Pär Lindhe

      Thank you Xavier! I will tell the team – they will be very happy.

      /Pär at the Rebtel mobile app team

  • Emmalynn

    Isn’t that what a proximity sensor is supposed to do? Dim the screen?

    • This is true for when you’re holding it up to your face, but this issue caused it to occur more intermittently.

  • Andy Quek

    Like Tango, Rebtel is leaving Windows Phone users out in the cold. They release a shitty version for Windows Phone without the ability of Wi-Fi calling. Users who use the app on Windows Phone will be charged twice, outgoing local call charge to their mobile operator and overseas call charge to Rebtel. How is that cost efficent when using calling card saves me more $$$?

    • Hi again Andy!

      I know this is pretty basic, but have you submitted feedback to the Rebtel team? They might consider adding the feature if the demand is high enough, though I do agree that WP has been given a bum rap by many developers — KakaoTalk and LINE are a couple of other examples.

      For overseas calls, I generally use global SIM cards ( ), many of which give you free incoming calls worldwide anyway, with low cost for outgoing calls, but it depends on your particular situation. If you’re looking for a VoIP app solution for outgoing calls on WP, I’d recommend Skype or Viber for the time being.

      Voxer’s push to talk app will be coming soon as well ( ). I’m one of the testers and it’s pretty great (though they won’t let me give specifics due to a NDA). PTT is not the same as a phone call, but Voxer’s app does allow you to talk with your contacts in real time just like VoIP, which might be a good alternative if you’re looking for one.

      • Andy Quek

        Hi, I’ve feedback this issue to Rebtel way back during the Windows Phone 7 days. Their reply is that this is something that they’ll look into and implement with the release of Windows Phone 8.

        Months later, I asked them the same question again and their reply was that demand/WP8 market share is too low for them to consider deploying their resources into adding 3G/4G/Wi-Fi calling features to their WP app.

        • Interesting. Especially considering how easy it is to port iOS apps to Windows Phone 8 and how easy it is to write VoIP into WP8 code:

          • Andy Quek

            It could just be that they have no intention of doing it at all.

            I have been voicing my concern over at their Facebook page numerous times. They finally send me private asking me not to let my frustration out on this matter on their page. They asked me to respect their development decision and if I were to keep bugging them, in long run it will become abusive behaviour on their page and they will then have to take action against me.

          • While I certainly can’t condone any kind of behaviour they might deem “abusive,” as a Windows Phone user myself, I understand it’s definitely frustrating.

            The only thing I can think of is to start a petition to have the app developed. This has worked in the past and is a great, non-abusive way to show the developers that there is plenty of demand for their apps on WP8.

          • Pär Lindhe

            Hi Andy and Josh, I hope I can shed some lights on this. I hear you on wanting an updated Windows mobile app – at the moment though we are very much occupied with upgrading our iOS and Andriod apps. I certainly do not rule out new WM apps but due to limited demand and also the relatively small size of our organization we are not able to spend time on Windows Mobile right now.


            Pär at the Rebtel Mobile app team

          • Andy Quek

            Hi Pär,

            Appreciate your response here, but how many versions upgrade had Android and iOS received while Windows and Windows Phone users received nothing?

            Are you implying that current release for the Windows and Windows Phone are so stable that they don’t requires any bug fixing and/or new features, especially data calling on Windows Phone?
            If only you guys would spare some time out and not focus solely on Android and iOS platform.