May 31, 2023

KakaoTalk Receives New Improvements in Speed, Usability, and Squashes Some Bugs

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It’s been a few weeks since a major KakaoTalk update graced our Android screens, though we have seen some minor tweaks between then and now that didn’t change anything in the actual application, but made some unspecified improvements and background changes known only to the KakaoTalk Team.

Version 3.8.5, however, is more than just a minor improvement, and does bring some changes worth noting to the popular messaging application.

For starters, the app now features improved speed for loading mini-profile images. You shouldn’t have to wait any more than a couple of seconds (depending on your connection speed) to view your friends’ profile pics. In addition, viewing the photos in chat rooms has also become a bit more user friendly with new modifications to the look and feel.

For good measure, the app also gives users an additional round of bug fixes, along with additional minor tweaks to boost both performance and usability. Download KakaoTalk right now through the Google Play Store.