December 5, 2021

VoX Mobile VoIP App Submitted to Apple For Final Approval and Inclusion Into iTunes

iOS Approval, Submitted to iTunes, Apple Apps

It was only recently that Vox’s mobile VoIP app‘s parent company Pervasip Corporation launched prepaid cards for international calls and now the company has submitted the iOS version of their app to iTunes as has been hinted by recent Facebook photos the company has been posting on their official page.

The VoX application allows users to connect to one another via both voice and video calls and recently surpassed 160,000 downloads with “almost no marketing.” This release means iOS users will be able to connect to Android users using VoX free of charge, as is the case with most VoIP apps while taking advantage of the aforementioned international calling cards.

The app is also scheduled for a Windows Phone and BlackBerry 10 release at the end of this year or the beginning of next year from what the company has told us. Judging by the growth in the Windows Phone platform and the shrinking BlackBerry platform as of late, we can almost assume the company will opt to release the WP version first.

We can expect the iOS app to show up in iTunes within the next few days if all goes well with the approval process.