June 1, 2023

Clay Telecom Improves International Connectivity for Travelers On Their Way to Thailand

Clay Telecom, Clay India, Clay Global Roaming

Clay Telecom has improved the international connectivity for global travelers going to Thailand, offering its global services in both prepaid and postpaid options.

“Providing flexibility to travellers, we have recently introduced prepaid SIM cards that enable them to control their spending limit on international connectivity. However, postpaid SIM cards are also available to ensure no call drops due to low balance. On the basis of individual requirements, the price plans are customised so as to offer the best plan for the international trip,” said a spokesperson at Clay Telecom.

Thailand postpaid SIM users can look forward to enjoying free and unlimited incoming calls and low-cost outgoing calls. In addition, as is the case with many global phone plans, the travelers can select an add-on pack to access data while on the go.

To find out more about Clay Telecom, check rates, and look into getting the service for yourself, visit the Clay Telecom website.