Truphone for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch received HD calling, location sharing, and more features in the latter part of June, and now Android users can experience these same enhancements, along with a few others.

Truphone has just rolled out version 5.2 of its VoIP app, compatible with all devices running Android 2.2 or above. The most noticeable of these improvements, besides the aforementioned high definition compatibility and the location sharing, is a faster, more snappy interface, which actually enhances the experience quite a bit.

The company has also added the ability to invite contacts, made calling friends “quicker and easier than ever” and also added a feedback option so you can let the developers know how they’re doing and what you’d like to see in the app in the future.

Finally, the new version also takes care of a pesky bug that was affecting Sony Xperia devices. That bug should be eradicated now. Hopefully soon, we can get the support for messaging back.

Truphone’s version 5.2 update can be downloaded directly on your device or via PC through Google Play.

  • Ben Jammin’

    Windows Phone support or I don’t care.

    • gail

      Don’t hold your breath. I’m an Android user, but even with Android Truphone lagged forever until late last year. Now they’re just playing catch up with everyone else, you might try Viber or Rebtel instead so you get the latest.