Android Jelly Bean Now Top Droid of Smartphone, Tablet OS According to Distribution Chart

Another month has come and gone, and another Android distribution pie chart has graced our pages courtesy of Google. The new chart shows some significant changes over last month’s Android OS rankings, particularly where Android’s most recent iteration Jelly Bean is concerned.

Jelly Bean has overcome Gingerbread for the first time ever

According to July’s chart, for the first time ever, Jelly Bean has assumed the lead as the most widely adopted version of the Android operating system. Jelly Bean now runs on 37.9% of devices, with 32 percent of those running Android 4.1.x. By comparison, Jelly Bean was on just 33 percent of devices last month.

The world’s most stubborn Android popularity contest winner Gingerbread has finally conceded the lead to the aforementioned, and fell from 36.5 percent down to 34.1 percent, landing it the silver medal among Android distributions.

Ice Cream Sandwich took a hit, either directly or indirectly from the growth in Jelly Bean, down to 23.3 percent from 25.6 last month, leaving Froyo and Eclair taking up the rear at 3.1 percent and 1.4 percent, respectively.