September 29, 2022

WorldSIM Now Offering International Roaming Within the Euro Zone Free of Charge

WorldSIM, Global Roaming, International Roaming

If you’re planning on traveling to Europe this summer, your trip just got a whole lot cheaper. In addition to the price drop in the region effective July 1, there’s also some additional savings offered by many international carriers that operate in the region.

WorldSIM is no exception and has in fact gone ahead and lowered their calling, texting, and data roaming rates in the region as of a few days ago. In addition, the company is offering free roaming in the Euro Zone with their global SIM 7 days a week.

For incoming calls, charges are still free. Outgoing landline and mobile calls cost 20p, SMS messages cost 6p per message and data rates now run at 35p per MB. These rates are substantially lower than similar offerings by O2, Vodafone, T-Mobile, Three, and Orange in the region.

To find out more about the new rates and get a SIM for your next trip, visit the WorldSIM website.