September 24, 2022

Tango With Friends Nearby, Create a Profile On Android, iOS With Latest Major Update

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Have you ever wanted to meet new friends on VoIP more easily? Perhaps you’d like a profile to be able to show off to those friends once they’ve been able to find you based on your location? The good people at Tango have you covered with version 3.0.52214 for Android and iOS devices.

Tango users can now find other Tango members nearby, which makes it a lot easier to meet new friends without having to use other means to find them, such as community message boards or chat rooms.

Tango’s latest update lets users find others who live nearby and make new friends

In addition, the update also now allows users to create profiles to share status updates, post photos, and make it easier for new friends to learn more about you. This and the aforementioned location-based friend finder brings Tango pretty close to what you would expect to find in a full-fledged social network.

Also notable is the addition of simultaneous calling while sharing and sending photos. No longer will you have to hang up on your phone calls in order to share your favorite images, which makes it much easier to share real-time photographic memories while away from home while keeping the conversation going.

If you’re ready to Tango with the new update and features, you can download it right now via Google Play and iTunes.