Tango With Friends Nearby, Create a Profile On Android, iOS With Latest Major Update

Have you ever wanted to meet new friends on VoIP more easily? Perhaps you’d like a profile to be able to show off to those friends once they’ve been able to find you based on your location? The good people at Tango have you covered with version 3.0.52214 for Android and iOS devices.

Tango users can now find other Tango members nearby, which makes it a lot easier to meet new friends without having to use other means to find them, such as community message boards or chat rooms.

Tango’s latest update lets users find others who live nearby and make new friends

In addition, the update also now allows users to create profiles to share status updates, post photos, and make it easier for new friends to learn more about you. This and the aforementioned location-based friend finder brings Tango pretty close to what you would expect to find in a full-fledged social network.

Also notable is the addition of simultaneous calling while sharing and sending photos. No longer will you have to hang up on your phone calls in order to share your favorite images, which makes it much easier to share real-time photographic memories while away from home while keeping the conversation going.

If you’re ready to Tango with the new update and features, you can download it right now via Google Play and iTunes.

  • Casey

    Loving the new layout and features! Tango finally doesn’t suck

  • Casey

    How would it be anymore perfect than on other oSes?

  • Andy Quek

    They are just plain lazy to work on it. How long has it been since stickers was implemented on Android and iOS. Yet their WP7 port still doesn’t get updated and worst still, nothing at all for WP8.

    • gail

      Yeah I never understood why they have WP7 app but none for WP8

      • It depends on the developer you ask, but there are various reasons. The most common one, however, is getting to be harder and harder to justify as Windows Phone 8 grows, and that’s the mentality that it’s a “limited audience” type of situation. When the Lumia 520 and 521 is outselling every Windows Phone 8 device to date, I think it’s safe to say WP8 will see some real growth. We’ll post the IDC numbers on TruTower when they’re released.

        I’m a Windows Phone 8 user myself, owning a Lumia 822 and a Lumia 920. You can bet I’ll be getting the EOS. The WP8 OS really is quite amazing, and even though it might be missing a few of the basic features, at least they’re in the pipeline for early next year with Blue. The biggest void in the OS right now is that of the app store, a void that is steadily being filled in (cases in point: Viber and Voxer).

        Hopefully soon we’ll be able to get the same updates as iOS and Android versions at the same time or at least nearly the same time. We have to wait months for some of the updates and features. Because of this, one can’t help but wonder why the devs find it necessary to fragment their own app-based services by giving some versions certain features, and leaving features out of others.

      • Ben Jammin’

        Because as @andyquek:disqus said, they’re lazy.

    • Ben Jammin’

      I can’t disagree with you there.

  • ahmad


  • pamelareid80