We’ve known about the cross-platform launch of BlackBerry Messenger since May, but one thing we haven’t been able to nail down was an exact release date.

Despite previous reports that BlackBerry Messenger would be coming to both iOS and Android by summer’s end, a new report places the time for release in September.

“The service is coming to Android this summer,” said Sunil Lalvani, managing director for BlackBerry India. “But summer as per North America, where it remains till September.”

When asked if that means the BBM version for Android will roll out prior to the end of September, Lalvani said it did. Lalvani did not, however, confirm whether the iOS version would be released simultaneously or at a later date.

Once it’s released, BlackBerry Messenger will be thrust into a very crowded messaging market alongside other cross-platform, over-the-top messaging services such as WhatsApp Messenger, KakaoTalk, Kik Messenger, and Viber. Whether the formerly BlackBerry OS exclusive service can hold its own against the other services remains to be seen, but seeing as how the service has 42.7 million active users worldwide as of May, it’s certainly not having to start from scratch.

  • Casey

    Huh. This will be interesting. I wouldn’t actually get a BB10 phone ever, but it would be interesting to use the old BBM account again like I did on my old Curve 8320. Brings back memories.

  • Trekkie

    I don’t see BBM having too much trouble with as many users as it has. It doesn’t leave much room for other competitors to enter the market though. You guys pretty much cover the only ones I can see being successful 😛

    I love BBM though and can’t wait to see it on my iPhone.

  • jim johnston

    Just got a BlackBerry Z10. It is an awesome phone.

    • adam323

      I used to have one but had too many problems with it (kept disconnecting randomly from Wi-Fi, battery died quickly, etc.). Got a Nokia Lumia 920 instead and love it.