December 2, 2022

Roam Mobility Relaunches SIM Swap Program, Trade for a New SIM Card Free of Charge

Roam Mobility, International Roaming, Travel Mobile Service

If you’re from Canada and you’re going to be traveling to the United States soon, it’s true there are a number of options available for you to keep your mobile phone bill low. Roam Mobility is arguably one of the best options available right now for Canadians traveling to the US.

Roam Mobility is looking to make the experience even better for users, though, as it re-introduces its SIM Swap Program, allowing users that own a US prepaid SIM card to send it in to Roam Mobility in exchange for a free Roam SIM. Travelers will be able to process the SIM exchange whether the SIM card is expired or not.

The SIM exchange can be done by following a couple of simple steps found on the Roam Mobility website:

  • Print and complete the entry form.
  • Mail it along with your US SIM card to a special address.

Once completed, the SIM should be received in approximately three weeks.

To find out more about this offer or to start the exchange process, visit the Roam Mobility website.