WhatsApp Releases Voice Message Fix For Samsung Branded Android Phones

If you happen to own a Samsung Galaxy S4 or another Samsung Android device and you’ve been having problems with the voice messaging feature in WhatsApp, you should have gotten or should be getting an update soon that fixes the issues.

Specifically, the bug fixes a “voice message recording” problem that was apparently exclusive to Samsung branded devices. Users should no longer be having this issue, but if you are, let us know in the comments. Before you do, however, it’s worth noting that a restart of your device is required for the fix to take full effect.

If you’re looking for a new update that adds some new features to WhatsApp, this isn’t it. Don’t worry, chances are there’s another big update on the horizon. In the meantime, you can still keep track of your WhatsApp addiction on Android.

Download the latest version via Google Play and don’t forget to stop by the WhatsApp page for even more.

  • CaliGuy4000

    Is anyone else having issues signing in on Android? My WhatsApp keeps signing me out. HTC One.

    • Aranar

      Works fine for me, also have HTCOne. Did you ever get it to work?

  • swa

    i cannot audio chat inspite of reinstalling and updating

    • Did you try installing the app and then immediately restarting your phone?

    • Aranar

      For some reason I experienced this same problem. Restarting the phone as Josh suggested worked for me on my HTCOne.

  • samy

    the voice recorder message it sounds like a robot when I send an audio message

  • samy

    can some one help me with this issue

    • Hi samy!

      Have you tried rebooting your phone or uninstalling and reinstalling the app?

      • Faisal

        Josh im also facing problem in sending voice msg. Every time it says error in setup recording, please try again later. i already uninstalled and reinstalled and re-booted my device several times.

        • Hi Faisal!

          What device are you using?

          Try using it over a cellular network versus Wifi and vice versa to see if that makes a difference. 🙂

  • Jo

    I recently had the new update installed on my galaxy s3. ever since I have been experiencing issues whith whatsapp. When I receive voice messages, the screen goes black and the audio is very soft and plays out the front…the volume cannot be turned up?
    Pls help

  • Nise

    Hi, I am having the same problem as Jo, when I try to listen to audio the screen goes black and the sound comes from the front and I cannot here it very well. Can someone tell me what can I do??

    • Nise

      I cannot hear***

  • leona bundy

    Still having voice record issue. Says try again later

  • missjelly

    As requested. Bug report. All was fine. But today Sept 2014 the same black screen when playing audio has returned.

    It’s a free ap. I’ll live with it until a fix appears.

    Restarting phone and ap does not fix it this time.

  • Herrick Mitchell

    whenever I receive a voice msg on whatsapp on my note 3 the screen goes black and there is no audio.
    Pls help

  • christian rogari

    hello after all this time I’m still having the same issue on my S4 GT-i9515: when I receive voice messages, the screen goes black and the audio is very soft and plays out the front…. Someone could kindly tell me how to fix this problem, please?
    Please, help me

    • Betty Murphy Oattes

      Did you get a fix for this? I have same problem s5neo

    • Panhavuth Theng

      did you fix already ?

      • christian rogari

        No, my friends unluckily I’m still having the same problem and the differents suggestions found on the Web didn’t succeed.

        I own two S4, one rooted and the other not rooted.

        WhatsApp run without problems on the not rooted one, but it doesn’t do the same on the rooted one.

        If there’s someone who solved the problem please give me the fix.