Vox. Voxing. Voxed. In addition to coining a number of different never-before-used phrases like these, Voxer has turned the entire concept of push to talk on its heels by bringing a feature that was long ago found only in semi trucks and police cars to the touchable devices both consumers and enterprise users now utilize everyday.

So it comes as no surprise that we find ourselves getting a little excited (maybe a little more than we should be) whenever our screens come to life to let us know there’s an update waiting for us. That happened to us today on our Windows Phone devices.

What was waiting for us wasn’t a major update per se as can be clearly seen by the lack of an official changelog, but we’re always up for new enhancements, even the minor variety. Voxer was likely the recipient of a few background fixes to help with stability and speed improvements, along with tweaks to the update rolled out last month that saw more than a few bugs being eradicated. Some users were still complaining about message loading issues so let’s hope the developers saw time to address this as well.

If you haven’t already, get your new dose of fixes via the WP Store. Have you noticed any improvements? Let us know in the comments!