Samsung-branded Android devices aren’t the only ones to get an update on the newly added voice messaging feature this week, as Windows Phone users have also received an update.

Version 2.11.40 lit up the Windows Phone Store earlier today with some new (and unspecified) Voice Messaging improvements. As a lot of us know all too well, many improvements are very minor and as such they rarely get the “changelog change” treatment. All that’s really important, though is what the update represents.

New fixes and tweaks are the obvious assumptions here, and who honestly doesn’t like it when things are updated to work even better than they did before? And as WhatsApp tries to keep its lead over many of its push to talk and messaging brethren, even the tiniest tweak is very important.

That being said, the update is now available in the WP Store. Here’s hoping everyone will be able to use WhatsApp for good this weekend, and not for evil (yes, we’re looking at you WhatsApp Sniffer).