BlackJack Live Game For Tango Hits #1 Spot in Casino Category on iOS

It didn’t take long at all for Blackjack Live to hit the top spot in the Casino category on iOS. The game launched alongside Road Riot for Tango and four others less than a week ago.

Tango recently opened its content and entertainment platform up to developers and has already amassed some popular appeal to keep its over 130 million users engaged even amid stiff competition from apps like WeChat and LINE, who have also launched their own gaming platforms.

The announcement of Blackjack Live’s quick rise came yesterday on Facebook, and is a testament to the popularity that social gaming in calling and messaging apps could potentially have, especially as the apps themselves continue to rise in popularity.

If you haven’t already done so, you can pick up Blackjack Live for iPhone and iPad in the App Store. Of course, you’ll definitely want to make sure you download the latest version of Tango’s VoIP and messaging app so you can make sure everything works correctly.

  • PaulR

    Now we just need an updated Tango app and Tango games for Windows Phone and we’ll be good.