December 2, 2022

OneSim VoIP Application Fixes Rolled Out to iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad Devices

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It’s been almost a year since OneSim VoIP was last touched by an update, but the global SIM card provider has pushed an update out over the weekend to all those who are utilizing its services to complement its roaming SIM card.

The new update fixes a bug that users reported when attempting to allow the app to access contact information in Privacy settings. Otherwise, the update was pretty minor.

OneSim VoIP is available for both Android and iOS that makes calls at lower rates when connected to 3G, 4G, or WiFi networks.

OneSimCard introduced the VoIP service to allow its SIM card users to make even cheaper calls via WiFi than through standard cellular networks. Like many Voice Over IP and messaging apps, customers who have a OneSim VOIP account can call other OneSim VoIP account holders for free as long as the OneSim VoIP account is currently active.

The new update can be downloaded right now via iTunes.