If you’re using Vonage’s Mobile app for Android and iOS, you’ve likely gotten wind of an update rolled out a little earlier that brings a few notable improvements and fixes.

The most notable of these is the app’s improved audio quality, which should result in fewer of the dreaded “underwater” or “robot” sounding VoIP calls. Bluetooth fixes, as well as some additional bug and maintenance fixes are also mixed in.

Despite the increasing competition in the VoIP app arena, Vonage has remained one of the most popular apps for making calls over WiFi. Ever since launching video calling in April, the company has brought the quality of its app up to par with other heavy hitters in the industry, such as Skype and Viber.

In fact, when calling non-Vonage Mobile users, those who do use the application can take advantage of low-cost calling to phone numbers in more than 200 countries with rates the company claims are “70-80 percent less than major mobile carriers and, on average, 30 percent less than Skype“.

If you’re already a user, or you’re ready to experience Vonage Mobile for yourself, you can download the latest version via Google Play or iTunes.