February 7, 2023

Be Happy and Smile With New Stickers, Features, and More For Kik on iOS and Android

Kik Messenger, Kik Stickers, Kik Cards

If you’ve ever wanted to express yourself a little more to your Kik Messenger friends, then you’re in luck. The team at Kik has released even more fun for iOS and Android based devices in the form of more stickers.

Happy Tree Friends and Smiley World stickers join the growing list of available digital stickers on Kik Messenger, allowing you to show your happiness in even more ways than ever before.

“Cards Persistence” allows you to transfer your Kik Cards between devices

One of the most notable additions alongside the new stickers is what is referred to as “Cards Persistence.” This new feature allows you to keep all of your Cards when you’re transferring between two different devices, and makes it that much easier to install Kik whenever you get a shiny new device to Photo Bomb your friends with.

Speaking of Photo Bombs, have you ever wished you could share a Photo Bomb without leaving your conversations? Now you can as of the latest update! This should keep your conversations and the fun flowing more smoothly.

Download all of these new features and more via iTunes and Google Play. What other features would you like to see in Kik?