For a little over a month now, we’ve known about a new SIM card launching alongside U.S. numbers and have been able to beta test the SIM prior to its official launch. We first reported on U.S. expansion plans back in May, and those plans have finally come to fruition.

Toggle Mobile has officially launched US numbers alongside the new SIM card, making its travel SIM an even more enticing option for those who are planning a trip to America. Lycamobile-owned Toggle joins many other global SIM cards as it seeks to do away with roaming-induced “bill shock” once and for all.

Toggle Mobile delivered on its promise of free incoming calls while in the USA, and the company is also offering low-cost calls at 3p per minute, 9p for each text message, and 15p for each MB of data transmitted.

Before you decide to go on your next trip, be sure to order your SIM from the Toggle Mobile Website. Happy roaming!

Thanks Patrick for the tip!