November 28, 2022

Tango Social Platform Hits 150 Million Users, Continues Expansion of Interactive Gaming

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Tango has just announced that it has racked up 150 million users across its social engagement platform, which includes the backbone VoIP and messaging app as well as games and other content.

Tango is roughtly half the size of WhatsApp Messenger‘s 300 million customers, but Tango has been adding 50 million users every six months.

Tango has been adding 50 million users to its platform every six months

Tango gaming has been attributed largely to the application’s current rate of growth. In June, Tango opened up its communications tools to game developers with the aim of making Tango a hub for connecting gamers and in-game communications. Since then games such as Road Riot for Tango and Bingo for Tango have come into the spotlight.

Gameloft was the first developer to embrace the platform, and five more have since followed suit, releasing a total of ten games on the platform. The company plans on adding 20-40 more games over the rest of the year. Tango says user engagement has increased by 33 percent, doubled the average number of messages sent, and increased the number of pictures shared by seven times.

As we mentioned before though, it’s some apps may be on the short list for acquisition, as can be seen by the recent acquisition of Fring by GENBAND. Only time will tell which of these players remains independent and which of those merge with other companies like fring has or with each other.