November 28, 2022

Microsoft to Merge Windows, Windows RT, and Windows Phone App Stores Into One

Windows 8.1, Windows Blue, Start Screen

We’ve been hearing rumors that Microsoft is looking to join Windows Phone and Windows together for a long time now, putting a stopper in one of the “leaks” the vision of One Microsoft has.

Those rumors have been all but confirmed today as sources have stated that Terry Myerson, the head of Microsoft’s Operating Systems Group, had “confirmed the move” to merge the stores “in an internal company meeting” that was “attended by thousands of Microsoft employees”.

It has not yet been revealed how the application store will work or how Microsoft plans to pull off the merge, but we could see Windows Phone apps able to snap side by side on Windows PCs, and apps scale to screen size for tablets. This would be quite useful for those of us who use too many VoIP and messaging apps to count. Hopefully we should see this roll out with Windows 8.1 next year.