November 28, 2022

Android Version of LINE Receives “Snap Movie” Function, Increased Voice Message Length

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LINE has really been on a roll with their Android app lately. The company released video calls, albums, and other features less than a week ago and is already looking to push another update out the door.

The latest version of LINE (version 3.9.2) adds a setting that prevents users not on your friends list from sending you messages, a great addition for keeping those unwanted messages out of your inbox. You’ll now be able to choose which messages you receive by adding someone to your friends list or simply deleting their friend request.

In addition, a new “Snap Movie” function which allows you to add background music to short videos and send them to your friends. LINE has been moving deeper into the media circle lately and this new feature pushes it a little farther.

Ever had trouble expressing yourself in so few words? Well now you’ll have plenty of time — a whole 30 minutes worth — to make your point in voice messages. Just make sure your contact is packing a bag of popcorn and doesn’t mind listening to you drone on and on for half an hour.

Minor bug fixes round off LINE version 3.9.2, and you can experience all the changes here. Happy messaging!