February 6, 2023

Zello Walkie-Talkie Now Supports iOS7, Includes New Tweaks to Improve User Experience

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For those who have been waiting for the ever popular Zello push to talk application to support Apple’s newly-released iOS7, you’re in luck, as the latest update rolls out support for the flattened and colorful OS. These changes include UI color alterations as well as other tweaks to the overall look and feel meant to make the experience a seamless one for those who have updated to the new OS.

Zello is the latest in a number of applications that have rolled out support for iOS7, including LINE, and Vonage.

Support for iOS7 isn’t all the new and improved Zello has to offer. Another notable change is the iOS version’s improved support for the headset button, which should make utilizing a headset with Zello a much more enticing experience.

The latest update also includes much of what was rolled out to Android users late last month, including a move of Trending channels to the Add a channel section of the app.

Finally, the new version incorporates improved connection stability when running in the background as well as several well-placed bug fixes.

Fetch the latest update via iTunes and let us know in the comments how the new version is working for you.