Over the weekend, LINE for iOS received a pretty interesting update that many of you should have received by now. This update adds a couple of features that were recently rolled out to Android devices, but also adds in a few iOS-exclusive changes.

The update pushes the version number to 3.9.1 and adds a setting that prevents users who are not your friends from sending you messages, one of the changes rolled out to Android devices late last month. The other change that has been extended to Apple users is the increased voice message length, pushing the limit to a staggering 30 minutes (who wants to send us a really long voice message to try it out?).

For iOS 7 users in particular, the new version enables users to receive new messages when the app is running in background. It seems like a standard feature for all messaging apps nowadays, but is a welcome addition nonetheless.

Finally the update rolled out some “other minor bug fixes,” but the developers chose not to detail exactly what these bugs affected.

If you haven’t yet received it, you can update your LINE app here. And about that voice message … we were really kidding, but if you have that much time to donate to our amusement, who are we to say no?

  • Eva

    No Windows Phone love? 🙁

  • adamwale

    I wouldnt call the re-adding of bg msging a addition more like a fix.

  • Andy Quek

    There’s always little/no love for Windows Phone by developers.

    Windows Phone are considered as 2nd or even 3rd class citizens.

    • Eva

      Tell me about it 🙁

      Can’t get my friends to switch without instagram

      • Andy Quek

        Is there even a need to talk about it???

        1. Tango – No Tango for Windows Phone 8 when there is one for Windows Phone 7, they have been looking at the possibility to supporting the platform for years and still, they’re just looking…
        2. Kik – No official support for Windows Phone 8, is missing on tons of features on found on Fruits/Robots platform. Bullshit about IE10 not support HTML5 standard.
        3. Viber – Plague with bugs for months but still no fixes in sight despite them saying new release coming soon. Main concern is making cosmetics to iOS version to make it more inline with iOS7 which was only out for 2~3 weeks.
        4. Rebtel – No data calling available for Windows Phone 8, users will be forced to pay both for local carrier outgoing call charges and Rebtel’s service charge which by the way keeps going up.

        Just to name a few and the list goes on…

        • Eva

          Not to mention the games which i love a lot, but cant get. Trutower talks about games all the time but they all for iOS and Android but no WP. Not Josh’s fault, just that Line for wp8, tango for wp7, and kakao for wp8 don’t support the downloading of these games.