February 7, 2023

Zello Swats a Few Bugs in Its Android Push to Talk Application With Latest Update

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When last we visited Zello Walkie Talkie on Android, it had just been given a redesigned and tweaked UI with version 2.27. The latest update released today, version 2.30, focuses more on function than on form.

First, the new release resolves a couple of glaring issues that had plagued the application’s recent version, particularly the occasional battery drain (more efficient battery usage is never a bad thing) as well as an error where users could not join a Zello network. Both of these issues have reportedly been resolved according to Zello, but if you still experience issues, let us know in the comments.

WiFi Stability improvements mean better connectivity to your push to talk channels

In addition, the new release improves connection stability when users are utilizing their Zello experience over WiFi connections. This particular issue we did experience a couple of times ourselves, so we’ll be testing out the new version and will update this article if we notice any further problems.

Those on limited data plans will certainly appreciate the next item on the fix list. The app no longer checks for app updates more often than once a day. Data conservation isn’t necessarily the reasoning behind this fix though; it’s possible that users simply found it irritating. Still, it’s a nice benefit.

Zello also delivers several additional bug fixes in addition to those we’ve already mentioned, but failed to specify these in any official changelog.

Ready to get your quick fix? Download Zello Walkie Talkie 2.30 from Google Play.