September 26, 2022

Twitter Could Launch Its Own Messaging App to Compete With WhatsApp Messenger and Kik

WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter, WeChat

As if the messaging app space wasn’t crowded enough, now it seems as though Twitter is mulling over the possibility of releasing its own standalone messaging application in “the near future” to compete with the likes of WhatsApp, Kik, and KakaoTalk.

This information comes from All Things D, who cites anonymous sources in its report. Specifically, the application would be a complete revamp of the social network’s private messaging feature, which recently received the ability for users to receive messages even from those users who don’t follow them back.

The app would essentially replace Twitter’s private messaging feature

It wouldn’t be the first time a social network has embraced the OTT space. Facebook has done the same with its Messenger service, as has Google with Hangouts. Especially in light of the global popularity of messaging apps on smartphones and tablets, one has to wonder what took Twitter so long.

Many users and experts thought the messaging feature would have been killed off on Twitter, but due to the aforementioned popularity of communication apps, Twitter appears to have changed its mind. Would you download a Twitter messaging application?