December 5, 2021

WhatsApp for Windows Phone Updated, Includes New Language Support, Screen Orientation Lock

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Less than 24 hours ago, a leaked list revealed some upcoming changes to WhatsApp for Windows Phone. Some of these changes have now been published in the latest update (version 2.11.276).

One of these features is the new screen orientation lock setting for Windows Phone 7. In addition, new a new text size setting is available, which was another feature mentioned on the leaked list.

The new update also packs in some improvements for the cross-platform voice messaging feature launched back in August. Users also have the ability to pin chats to start.

Better messaging forwarding options have also been added as well as support for Croatian, Hungarian, and Lithuanian languages, which will certainly help the now 350 million user-strong application continue its growth.

Various enhancements and bug fixes round off the list of changes in the new update. Get it right now in the Windows Phone Store.