December 9, 2022

Cake Bake Blitz for Tango Game Now Available for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch

Cake Bake Blitz for Tango, Tango Games, Social gaming

Earlier this month, Cake Bake Blitz for Tango launched on Google Play giving Tango app fans a first look into the world of puzzle-laden chefdom. This weekend, the game became officially became available for Apple users.

If you’re not familiar with Cake Bake Blitz and you’re a fan of the match-3 puzzle genre, you may want to give the game a spatula spin. Players take on the role of Katy Cupcake and travel the globe to compete to become the greatest chef on the planet.

You’ll be competing with infamous chefs in challenging stages with surprise boosts and bake-offs.

All the while, you’ll be competing with infamous chefs that include New York City’s Big Tony Tiramisu, Australia’s Dame Pavlova, Hong Kong’s Frankie Fortune and Paris’s Marcel Meringue, with challenging stages, surprise boosts, and bake-offs to boot. Social gaming via Tango becomes both a friendly and not-so-friendly experience, with gifting and taunting friends on top of bake-offs to see who’s the best chef around.

You can pick up the new Cake Bake Blitz for Tango game via iTunes. Be sure you’ve downloaded the latest version of Tango to your iOS device first. Happy chefing!